Four Habits Coding Scheme

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Tool focus: Assessment

Communication topics:
Empathy/relationship building
Gathering information/listening
Giving information/explanation & planning

Type of tool: Assessment

Year of publication: 1999;2006

Language: English

Professions in which tool to be used: Medicine

Level of learner: Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Goals/Educational objectives:
Instrument for the observation of provider-patient interviews covering four domains. Three anchored examples are given for different types of behavior each. Anchored examples of the instrument are shown in the article Krupat et al. 2006 (see reference below).Topics covered: invest in the beginning, elicit the patient‰Ûªs perspective, demonstrate empathy, invest in the end

Frankel RM, Stein T. Getting the most out of the clinical encounter: the four habits model. The Permanente Journal 1999;3(3): 79-88. Krupat E, Frankel R, Stein T, Irish J. The Four Habits Coding Scheme: Validation of an instrument to assess clinicians‰Ûª communication behaviour. Pat Educ Couns. 2006;62(1):38-45.

HPCCC Core curriculum objectives

A. Communication with patients:
Gathering information/listening, Relationship building

B. Intra- & interpersonal communication (professionalism & reflection):

C. Communication in healthcare teams (professional communication):

Simulated clinical encounter: No

Access: Public

Author(s) and affiliation(s): Frankel RM; Stein T; Krupat E; Irish J