Welcome to tEACH, the teaching subcommittee of EACH. We aim to connect and support teachers involved in the development and delivery of healthcare communication training. tEACH consists of over 35 experienced communication skills teachers from 21 different countries representing a variety of health care disciplines. Since 2008, tEACH members have worked on specific projects to address the broad range of needs of communication teachers. We have been there for those teachers initiating new teaching ventures and those wishing to extend existing programmes.

What tEACH offers

Education and training

tEACH organizes courses for communication teachers focusing on ‘What’ and ‘How’ to teach communication skills, and courses on topics such as ‘Curriculum Development’, ‘Workplace learning and teaching’ and ‘Assessment’. Courses can be delivered locally on request (within countries or institutions). Our train the trainer’s group are developing new courses all the time so visit our site regularly to see what’s new.

Click here for more information on forthcoming courses.

Teaching resources

Through the EACH website, communication teachers can get access to various teaching tools, including facilitator guides, simulated patient cases and a comprehensive curriculum designed by tEACH.  Click here to access over 100 teaching tools including facilitator guides, simulated patient scenarios, a published curriculum and videos or upload new ones.

Project support

tEACH has been involved in several national projects to improve healthcare communication teaching, a.o. in Poland, Austria and Ireland. Based on these experiences tEACH can offer a comprehensive package of training and consultancy, that can be adapted to specific needs.

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Exchange of expertise

tEACH creates various opportunities for communication teachers to exchange expertise, e.g. in conferences and meetings, and by initiating and publishing on teaching topics.

tEACH Groups

tEACH Group

tEACH Core Planning Group

tEACH Assessment Group

tEACH Core Curriculum Group

tEACH Courses & Support for Trainers Group

tEACH Cross Cultural Communication Group

tEACH Teaching Tools & Videos Group

tEACH Workplace Teaching Group

How to get involved with tEACH

The tEACH committee has several projects and activities it works on (for more information, see Activities and projects). If you feel you may have something to contribute to one of these activities, please contact us through teach@each.international.

Experienced communication teachers who have interest in collaborating with and contributing to teach on a more regular basis. Currently, we are looking for people with expertise and interest in e-learning, teaching tools and videos, and/or in making tEACH projects and products more visible. We specifically would welcome communication teachers from dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and/or paramedical professions.

Because the tEACH committee is an active group working on longer term projects, we prefer to limit the number of members and also limit membership turnover.

To join the tEACH committee: please complete the tEACH Application Form and return to teach@each.international.

Share your expertise

Connect with people who have similar interests to identify, communicate and collaborate with each other.

Facilitate networking

tEACH is in the process of establishing national and discipline-based networks of communication teachers and can offer help to interested individuals in establishing and expanding these networks and planning events (meetings, symposia, workshops) in which network members can exchange ideas, solve problems and learn from experts. If you are interested in participating in establishing/expanding networks or have questions about this, please contact networking@each.international.

Biannual teaching award

The EACH Teaching Award is an innovative prize which aims to recognise teachers who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to healthcare communication education. Click here for more information.

Provide feedback

tEACH welcomes feedback and ideas for how we can best support communication teachers. Feel free to submit any questions or comments to teach@each.international.

tEACH Core Planning Group


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