Research projects

Research Projects


Project lead: Evelyn Watson and Anita Laidlaw.

Aim: To provide researchers in healthcare communication with high-quality courses on various topics related to research skills and knowledge on a regular basis

Output: Many research workshops have been delivered by rEACH and rEACH members at various meetings, ICCH conferences and summer events over the years. We are in the process of inventorying what courses we will continue to offer on the shorter and longer term. On the long-term, we will offer a wider variety of courses ranging from basic (intended for researchers new to healthcare communication) to advanced. This process will run in parallel with the development of quality criteria for EACH courses in general and with a process to ensure each course has enough qualified facilitators to offer continuity on a regular basis over the years.

Summer School

Project lead: Julia Amann, Switzerland

Aim: The core aim of the rEACH summer school is to provide early-career researchers in healthcare communication the opportunity to present and discuss their work with peers and more experienced researchers, and to create a lasting peer-to-peer network.

Output: The rEACH summer school is held biennially. Past participants have reported the benefits of the summer school on their academic development and network: “Express rather than impress: Benefits of the rEACH summer school for early-career researchers in the field of health communication”. The next rEACH summer school will be held in September 2021. Click here for details.

Participation in conference organisation

Aim: To ensure the scientific quality of the annual International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH) and the biennial EACH Health Forum.

Output: rEACH has been highly involved in the scientific program of both the ICCH and the EACH Health Forum, ensuring high scientific quality.

rEACH promotion

Project lead: Leonie Visser, The Netherlands

Aim: To keep EACH-members up-to-date about the work done by rEACH and to write about central topics in health communication research.

Output: rEACH periodically provides output through the EACH Newsletter and the EACH journal Patient Education and Counseling.

Coding tools

Project lead: Marij Hillen, The Netherlands.

Aim: To provide EACH-members with a searchable catalogue of available coding instruments in the field of healthcare communication research.

Output: The tools database includes information about existing coding instruments’ scope, setting, method, developers, developmental and validation process, as well as previous users’ experiences with the tool. Freely available instruments and manuals will be made readily accessible.