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5 A’s Direct Observation Coding scheme (5A-DOC)
Developers: Peter J. Lawson, Susan A. Flocke, Brad Casucci

Active Patient Participation Coding scale (APPC)
Developers: R.L. Street, Jr, B. Millay

Computer analysis system for the physician-patient consultation process (CASC)
Developers: Kimiko Katsuyama, Yuichi Koyama, Yasushi Hirano, Kenji Mase, Ken Kato, Satoshi Mizuno, Kazunobu Yamauchi

Content Coding for Contextualization of Care (4C)
Developers: Saul Weiner, Naomi Ashley, Amy Binns-Calvey, Brendan Kelly, Gunjan Sharma, Alan Schwartz

Davis Observation Code (DOC)
Developers: Klea D. Bertakis Edward Callahan

Empathic Communication Coding System adapted for Interpreter Mediated Consultations
Developers: Demi Krystallidou, Aline Remael, Esther de Boe, Kristin Hendrickx, Giannoula Tsakitzidis, Sofie van de Geuchte, Peter Pype

Four Habits coding scheme (4HCS)
Developers: Edward Krupat, Richard Frenkel, Terry Stein, Julie Irish

Generic Peer Feedback Instrument (GPFI)
Developers: Rhona McMillan, Niall Cameron, Ailsa Power

Liverpool-Maas (LIV-MAAS)
Developers: Jude Robinson, Ian Enzer, Maggie Pearson, Tom Walley, Stuart Barton

Developers: Jacques van Thiel, Paul Ram, Jan van Dalen