Active Patient Participation Coding scale (APPC)


APPC, Street et al. 2005

APPC, Street & Millay 2001

Developers: R.L. Street, Jr, B. Millay

Year of publication: 2001

Date of last revision: 21 October 2019

Setting in which the tool was originally developed/validated: general medicine

Restriction to setting(s): None

Target group: all clinicians and patients

Language(s): English

Tool topics:

Facilitative communication / stimulating patient activation
Patient participation / patient engagement (patient)

Specific constructs/behaviours:

Patients: asking questions, expressing concerns, and assertive acts (introducing topics, making decisions, making requests, stating preferences.

Physicians: partnership-building and supportive talk

Types of data required to use the tool: Video recordings, Audio recordings, Transcripts

Intended application: Education, Research

Reference(s) to development/validation paper(s):

Street RL, Jr., Millay B. Analyzing patient participation in medical encounters. Health Communication 13(1):61-73. 2001.

Street RL, Jr., Gordon HS, Ward MM, Krupat E, Kravitz RL. Patient participation in medical consultations: why some patients are more involved than others. Med Care. 2005;43:960-969.

Tool/manual available: Yes.

Tool description by the author:

Some training is needed. About 3 hour to learn system, then as many practice hours as needed to achieve cider consistency. The tool is descriptive in nature. Codes only select communicative actions, not the entire conversation; thus, may be more efficient than more comprehensive systems

Additional information on copyright or other matters: not copyrighted and no need to ask permission. I am available to help with training trainers or coders.

Access: Public