Communication in Veterinary Healthcare Special Interest Group Webinar

Communication lab – thinking together.

Topic 1 Managing expectations – telling clients the things they don’t want to hear, hearing the things we wish they didn’t say.

The Communication in Veterinary Healthcare Special Interest Group will be arranging a series of informal meetings, with interactive discussions which will preferably result in a suggested way to handle some specific situations(for later sharing).

For this first discussion we will address the conversations involving ethical challenges, when animal welfare and/or costs do not align with the clients expectations or wishes.

For example. “This dog does not need dental treatment” (which he obviously does, from an animal welfare point-of-view) or “My pug is breathing just fine” (while she clearly doesn’t). We will prepare a short introduction to the topic, by a moderator (or more), and then prepare the discussion well, in order to raise some questions along the way.





Time stated is GMT

Date/Time 09 Feb 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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