Pairing Programme – Seniors List

Below is the list of available seniors in alphabetical order. You may use the search form to filter by primary interest (teaching, research or policy) or by keyword. Click “View” to the left of a person’s name to view more information about them. You have the option to choose this senior on their View page. Once a senior has been selected by the number of times they have chosen to be matched, their name is automatically removed from the list.

Please note: If you are attending ICCH 2022 in person, you can only be paired with someone who is attending in person. If you are attending online, then you can only be paired with someone who is attending online.

If you have difficulty finding a match for your interests, please email


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Name Institution Primary Area Keywords Availability Attendance
View Blnd Ahmad Health organization Teacher/Training ZKB 1 In person
View Delesha Carpenter University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Research suicide prevention, opioid overdose prevention 3 In person
View Marleah Dean Kruzel University of South Florida Teacher/Training, Research genetic risk, shared decision-making 3 In person
View Manasik Hassan Hamad medical corporation and Weill Cornell medical college Qatar Teacher/Training, Research, Policy/practice Professional identity and development, Multicultural communication, Interprofessional education 1 Online
View Aldona Jankowska N Teacher/Training, Research breaking bad news, communication in oncology 3 Not sure
View Janet Lefroy Keele University School of Medicine Teacher/Training, Research Consultation skills 1 Not sure

Total number of Seniors registered: 34