rEACH Connectivity Webinar Series: What sparks new overseas collaborations?

What sparks new overseas collaborations?

Co-reflecting on a successful experience

Prof. Ellen Smets and Julia Menichetti, PhD, will bring their collaborative experience to stimulate reflections on how to spark new (overseas) professional collaborations. They
hope the webinar will provide concrete ideas and strategies for participants to fuel the engine of starting and maintaining international professional collaborations.

After a first round of reciprocal introductions and wishes from participants about this webinar, Ellen and Julia will retrace their professional journeys from their PhDs until the point where their connection started. A reflective exercise in small groups will stimulate participants in identifying the goals that motivate new international collaborations and the strategies to
“get connected”, based on the speakers’ journeys and participants’ personal experiences.

Ellen and Julia will then move in narrating what helped them to maintain and nurture their collaboration. Again, a reflective exercise will stimulate the identification of concrete strategies to keep collaborations alive and productive. The session will be concluded by inviting participants to identify and share a concrete, future action to initiate or nurture a collaboration.
This session will be facilitated by members of the rEACH Connectivity Group.

Julia Menichetti, PhD, studied clinical psychology and started doing research 9 years ago, employing mostly qualitative methods. She got her PhD in Italy working in hospitals to co-develop and implement interventions for clinicians to better engage patients in their care. She then moved to Norway 6 years ago as a postdoc, where she learned how to inductively analyse doctor-patient interactions and got interested in how doctors share information with patients. She is soon moving to lead a newly granted research project on how doctors can recognize and support patient health literacy during the medical visit.


Prof. Ellen Smets earned her master’s degree (1987) as a social psychologist at the University of Amsterdam, received her doctorate at the same university and has ever since been employed by the Amsterdam University Medical Center/University of Amsterdam, at the department of Medical Psychology. Her research is aimed at clinician-patient communication, focusing on understanding and improving person-centered information provision in clinical encounters. Her current research addresses shared decision making, communication of uncertainty (e.g. risks), discussion of online health information and the unraveling of the concept of tailored information giving.


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Date/Time 16 Apr 2024 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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