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Emanuela Mazza

In the third week of March 2020, during the Coronavirus emergency, it has been done an online survey with 264 responses about the needs of Italian doctors in this specific moment. The principle need expressed by doctors are:
1. Protective supports (in 90% of cases it’s about masks, gloves…)
2. Training for remote relationship management with patients (and how covid-19 can impact with other their diseases)
3. info about organisational and governance guidelines for outpatient activities (also with a view to privacy compliance)
4. for frontline Healthcare Professionals psychological support and their own mental and physical well-being.

The survey found out and underlined the three dimensions of the needs:
1. functional (“Make me efficient to manage Covid”)
2. emotional (“Make me confident that I can get to solve the health problem”)
3. social (“Convey patients disease status”)

source: Instant CAWI MediPragma_3 week March 2020


Here it is an article in Italian where there are some interesting charts.