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      Alison Plenderleith

      Do you have a COVID-19 related resource you think others within healthcare communication would benefit from using? If so please use this forum to share it. Please include a short description (1 or 2 sentences) and the link. EACH will vet all resources shared here and will upload those that are relevant to healthcare communication to the resources list on the COVID-19 webpage.

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      Pierluigi Politi

      As healthcare pro we may experience relevant problems in communicating Covid-19 issues to people with Intellectual Disability and/or Autism. We develop a resource to help this process. Here you can find it in Italian: https://www.sidin.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/scudo-al-COVID-19-per-PcDI_A_SIDiN_v-1_5.pdf
      I can share German and Dutch translation.
      Pierluigi Politi

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      Alison Plenderleith

      Thank you @PPoliti that is very useful. Yes please can you share the German and Dutch translations as well, that would be very useful. Is there an English version too?

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      Alison Plenderleith

      MVP is a practical three-step process that is easy to teach (to learners at all levels), remember, and employ in all types of serious illness conversations (SICs). The comprehensive nature of the model allows clinicians to utilize it in any SIC, in particular when the nature of the conversation changes midstream (e.g., from “goals of care” to prognosis). We hope that the simplicity of the MVP model will enable clinicians to effectively and empathetically guide patients and families though challenging conversations, particularly when the clinician is feeling stressed by the seeming enormity of the task at hand.

      For additional support in using the MVP process please feel free to reach out to the Advanced Communication Training (ACT) Program here and consider joining an upcoming 30 minute presentation and discussion of skills, tips and potential scripts to deploy in the moment, to enrich the facilitation of advance care planning conversations in-person or virtually.

      MVP for COVID – an overview of MVP and the supporting communication skills: Empower, be Explicit, Empathize
      ACT “Stool Card” for COVID – pocket-sized printable quick-reference guide for challenging conversations in the COVID era. (Printable and Formatted for smart phones)

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      Giulia Lamiani

      We recently developed a Position Paper on “How to communicate with families living in compete isolation”. The paper was approved by the main Italian societies of Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Palliative Care (SIAARTI, ANIARTI, SICP and SIMEU).
      Here you can find the English version: https://www.aniarti.it/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/CommuniCoViD_eng-18apr20.pdf

      The Italian version is available to: https://www.aniarti.it/

      Giulia Lamiani

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      Marcy Rosenbaum

      Thanks so much for submitting this useful resource. We will also post what you have shared on the EACH Covid-19 page so people can have easy access to these materials. Wishing you well, Marcy Rosenbaum, EACH president-elect

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      Emanuela Mazza

      In the third week of March 2020, during the Coronavirus emergency, it has been done an online survey with 264 responses about the needs of Italian doctors in this specific moment. The principle need expressed by doctors are:
      1. Protective supports (in 90% of cases it’s about masks, gloves…)
      2. Training for remote relationship management with patients (and how covid-19 can impact with other their diseases)
      3. info about organisational and governance guidelines for outpatient activities (also with a view to privacy compliance)
      4. for frontline Healthcare Professionals psychological support and their own mental and physical well-being.

      The survey found out and underlined the three dimensions of the needs:
      1. functional (“Make me efficient to manage Covid”)
      2. emotional (“Make me confident that I can get to solve the health problem”)
      3. social (“Convey patients disease status”)

      source: Instant CAWI MediPragma_3 week March 2020


      Here it is an article in Italian where there are some interesting charts.

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