We are currently experiencing the largest global emergency for a generation. For many people this is a moment of sadness, fear and social isolation. EACH wish to reach out to all of our members and the wider healthcare communication community in this uncertain time. We want you to know that you are not alone, we are here for you.

The COVID-19 outbreak is constantly changing worldwide: we are informed daily of the growing number of confirmed cases and, unfortunately, of people who have died. We are facing a major public health threat with many consequences at different levels, including economical.

But we are not individual nations fighting this alone, we are one nation of human beings finding or rediscovering the meaning of ideals, proposals and actions for the common good. I offer you three key statements to find strength: align against the virus; sustain as best you can; plan for the future.

As EACH, we are present and ready to advise any of you on healthcare communication during this COVID-19 pandemic. We will be sharing resources to help you with these new, unprecedented challenges.

Sending you all our support & very best wishes,
Your President, Sara Rubinelli