Format for debriefing video-taped consultations

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Tool focus: Assessment, How to teach, Video

Communication topics:
Breaking bad news
Clinical reasoning
Cross-cultural communication
Dealing with strong emotions
Empathy/relationship building
End of life care
Experiential teaching
Gathering information/listening
Giving information/explanation & planning
Health behaviour change
Managing uncertainty
Non-verbal communication

Type of tool: Assessment, Reflection sheet

Year of publication: The tool was first published in the Netherlands in 2014.

Language: English

Purpose of tool:
Raise self-awareness of communication style and application of communication skills / Giving feedback.

Brief description:
Format containing several important questions to discuss with learner.

HPCCC Core curriculum objectives

Access: Public

Your name and work address, and co-authors and addresses:Geurt Essers, Huisartsopleiding Nederland, Utrecht