Common Ground Assessment Instrument (CGAI)

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Tool focus: Assessment

Communication topics:
Gathering information/listening
Giving information/explanation & planning
Shared decision making

Type of tool: Assessment

Year of publication: 1994; 2004; 2007; 2010

Language: English, Dutch

Professions in which tool to be used: Medicine

Level of learner: Undergraduate, Postgraduate

Goals/Educational objectives:
Guidelines for using global rating forms for observing learner-patient interactions. Assesses six categories of Core Communications Skills including rapport, information management, agenda setting, active listening for the patient‰Ûªs perspective, addressing emotions, and reaching common ground. Context specific rating forms including with real patients, families and simulated patients using 3-5 point rating scales. Forms for provide learner feedback also included. Dutch versions address formative and summative assessment.

Lang F, et al. Communication assessment using the Common Ground Instrument: psychometric properties. Fam Med 2004; 36(3):189-98.Van Nuland M, Van Den Noortgate W, Degryse J, Goedhuys J. Comparison of two instruments for assessing communication skills in a general practice objective structured clinical examination. Medical Education 1994;41 (7) (pp 676-683), 2007;July.
Van Nuland M, Van den Noortgate W, van der Vleuten C, Goedhuys J. Optimizing the utility of communication OSCEs: omit station-specific checklists and provide students with narrative feedback. Pat Educ Couns 2012; 88:106-112.

HPCCC Core curriculum objectives

A. Communication with patients:
Gathering information/listening, Shared decision making

B. Intra- & interpersonal communication (professionalism & reflection):

C. Communication in healthcare teams (professional communication):

Simulated clinical encounter: No

Access: Public

Author(s) and affiliation(s): Lang, F; McCord, R; Harvill, LAnderson, DSVan Nuland, MVan Den Noortgate, WDegryse, J Goedhuys, J