Healthcare Communication Education Research

Healthcare Communication Education Research


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HCER SIG – Empathy in healthcare communication



  1. To establish a network of EACH members that are researchers active in the field of learning and teaching healthcare communication.
  2. To facilitate communication among SIG-members.
  3. Organise a ‘meet the expert’ platform: SIG should be the first place where (junior) researchers can ask advice about specific topics from the research field of learning and teaching healthcare communication. SIG members with specific topic related expertise should be willing to give advice.
  4. Exchanging of research plans and expertise in order to promote (inter-)national collaboration (incl. comparative research).
  5. Organise workshops and symposia at EACH summer meetings and EACH conferences
  6. Developing new initiatives (e.g. specific project groups to produce materials to help members of the wider community of researchers and teachers).