Healthcare Communication Education Research

Healthcare Communication Education Research

Aim: Our aim is to conduct and support Research related to Teaching of Healthcare Communication Skills.  

Objectives: Our objectives are to promote international collaboration, exchange expertise and support healthcare communication education research and teaching within the EACH community. 

Group members: This SIG aims to bring together healthcare communication researchers, teachers with an interest in healthcare communication education and educational researchers.

New members are welcome to join our SIG!

For further information and to express your interest in becoming a member of this SIG please contact Dr Yvonne Finn at


The most recent webinar is:
Health Literacy competences to improve respectful and compassionate care in Tanzania
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Yvonne Finn


Carlos Campos

Current research projects

This research aims to report online teaching of communication skills in health profession’ curricula pre- and post-Covid-19 pandemic and obtain expert opinion on best practice in this field.

This research aims to understand the role of all individuals involved in undergraduate clinical communication skills education and their perception of interdisciplinarity in that setting.

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