Iraq webinar – Nonverbal dialogue in medical encounters

The time shown is UK time. The event will be from 9.00pm Iraq time

The webinar will focus on the Basic Nonverbal”NV” cues that are emitted by the patients and doctors during the encounter, we will look at various aspects of NV cues, their roles, importance, and their relationship to verbal dialogue.

The Webinar will help participants:

  • Define the common individual nonverbal cue in clinical communication.
  • Identify the roles of NV cues in the medical encounter.
  • How to pick up the cues when it is emitted by the patients.
  • How to use appropriate NV cues in the medical encounter.

We will explore NV cues by observing prepared pictures and videos.

The Webinar will be facilitated by national communication skills experts.

The speakers are Prof. Dr. Fadel Al-Jaf, Body language trainer and researcher and Abdul Salam Saleh Sultan, EACH Fellow and National Representative for Iraq


You can download the flyer in Arabic here

Date/Time 27 Oct 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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