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Live Session * Parallel #1 Parallel #2 Parallel #3 Parallel #4
0715 – 0730 Morning Welcome
0745 – 0845 Oral session O1:
Teaching/Assessment 1
Oral session O2:
Health literacy 1
Oral session O3:
Policy & Practice
Oral session O4:
Shared Decision Making 1 (Intervention)
0900 – 1030 Symposia S1:
Innovative communication skills training approaches for nurses in Australia, Denmark and England
Symposia S2:
Cross-cultural consultations in MUS healthcare: research and educational tools
Workshop W1:
Novel strategies using the arts for teaching clinical and communication skills to larger audiences
Workshop W2:
Teaching Remote Consultation Skills
1030 – 1100 Break
1100 – 1200 Networking Roundtable R1:
Translation of Inter-professional Education into Collaborative Clinical Practice
Networking Networking
1200 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1430 Afternoon Welcome followed by Q&A with Plenary Speaker: **
Saul Weiner, Contextualising medical decisions to individualise care
1445 – 1545 Oral session O5:
Intra/Inter disciplinary communication
Oral session WIP1:
Health equity
Oral session O6:
Provider patient relations/triadic communication
Oral Session O7:
Patient emotions, cues & concerns
1545 – 1615 Break
1615 – 1745 Workshop W3:
Interprofessional communication competencies: Lost in translation
Symposia S3:
Medical Decision Making: Broadening the Scope
Workshop W4:
Therapeutic education: practicing chronic patient education & self-management support methodology
Creative Arts
CA1.2: An animation video is worth 10,000 words
1800 – 1830 ePoster Exhibition with Q&A  
1830 – 1930 Networking UK Networking Group
Live Session * Parallel #1 Parallel #2 Parallel #3 Parallel #4
0815 – 0845 Welcome followed by Q&A with Plenary Speaker:
Norbert Donner-Banzhoff, A deconstruction of clinical care, but ending on a positive note
0900 – 1000 Oral session O8:
Teaching about emotions
Oral session O9:
Intervention research
  Oral session O10:
Teaching/Assessment 2
1000 – 1030 Break
1030 – 1200 Workshop W5:
Teaching tips
Symposia S4:
From words to action: engaging patients in communication about medicines
Symposia S5:
Integrating co-design with traditional research in healthcare communication
Workshop W6:
Digital teaching tools in clinical communication skills training
1200 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1500 Roundtable R2:
Interprofessional Communication in Healthcare: How do we best equip our students?
Oral session O11:
Patient activation/health promotion
Oral session O12:
Research relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic
Oral session O13:
Sharing medical information
1500 – 1530 Break
1530 – 1700 Oral session WIP2:
Symposia S6:
Telehealth – A New Frontier: Fostering Enhanced Communication Skills Through Policy
Workshop W7:
Reducing Readmissions: Telling Patients the Story of Their Discharge
Workshop W8:
Exploring strategies for experiential online communication skills teaching
1715 – 1815 Oral session O14:
Teaching/Assessment 3: Peer and interprofessional
Oral Session O15:
Shared Decision Making 2 (Patient education & self-management)
Roundtable R3:
US and Germany vaccine policy, clinical, and social media perspectives on vaccine hesitancy
Oral session O16:
Communication about risk and uncertainty
Live Session * Parallel #1 Parallel #2 Parallel #3 Parallel #4
0800 – 0900 Oral session O17:
Teaching/Assessment 4
Oral session O18:
Health Equity
Student Symposium S8:
In the era of Black Lives Matters, what skills need to be taught to help students tackle racism in healthcare?
Oral session O19:
Health literacy 2
0915 – 0945 ePoster Exhibition with Q&A  
1000 – 1100 Oral session O20:
Teaching/Assessment 5
Oral session O21:
Shared Decision Making 3 (Concept & Measurement)
Oral session O22:
Patient reported outcomes & outcome measures
Oral Session O23:
Virtual teaching of communication skills during COVID-19
1115 – 1200 Q&A for Plenary Speaker & Morning Close
Sara Rubinelli, From pandemic to infodemic: How much is too much health communication?
1200 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1500 Roundtable R4:
Workplace Based Teaching of Communication Skills
Oral session O24:
Mediated health communication
Oral session O25:
Clinician emotions & challenges
Roundtable R5:
SIG Communication in Surgical Subspecialties
1500 – 1530 Break
1530 – 1550 Q&A for Plenary Speaker ***
Sara Rubinelli, From pandemic to infodemic: How much is too much health communication?
1600 – 1730 Symposia S7:
Cross-cultural Implementation of the Program to Enhance Relational and Communication Skills (PERCS)
Innovative Technology (IT) Workshop W9:
How to Communicate with Patients and Parents about electronic media exposure and use
Workshop W10:
Giving Gifts: Use of Visual Arts to practice caring when the going gets tough
1745 – 1815 Awards presentation & Formal Close

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