Teamwork group exercise: Facilitator guide

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Tool focus: What to teach

Communication topics:
Interprofessional/team communication
Professionalism & self awareness

Type of tool: Facilitator guide

Language: English

Purpose of tool:
This is a group dynamics exercise for teaching in small groups to practice skills in co-operation, team work, problem solving and on verbal aspects of communication

Brief description:
To use with minimum of 6 participants or 12 (5 do do the squares, one observer). The pack includes instructions for making the squares and preparing envelopes, instructions for facilitators, participants and observers.

A. Communication with patients:

B. Intra- & interpersonal communication (professionalism & reflection):
Professionalism, Self awareness

C. Communication in healthcare teams (professional communication):
Inter-professional/team communication

Access: Public

Your name and work address, and co-authors and addresses:Elizabete Loureiro