Behavior change technique delivery and receipt

Developers: Hoekstra, 2022

Year of publication: 2022

Date last updated: 7 June 2024

Setting in which the tool was originally developed/validated: Physical activity behavioral support in spinal cord injuries

Restriction to setting(s): Adults with physical disability

Target group: Counselors delivering physical activity behavior change counseling to people with physical disabilities

Language(s): English


Specific constructs/behaviours:

Behavior change technique delivery and receipt, specifically:
1. Goals and planning
2. Support strategies
3. Natural consequences
Comparison of behavior
5. Monitoring and feedback
6. Associations
7. Repetition and substitution
8. Comparison of outcomes
9. Regulation
10. Antecedents
12. Self-belief
13. General aspects of the communication and interaction

Tool topics:

Health promotion / Health behaviour change

Intended application: Research

Reference(s) to development/validation paper(s):

Hoekstra, F., Collins, D., Dinwoodie, M., Ma, J. K., & Martin Ginis, K. A. (2022). Measuring behavior change technique delivery and receipt in physical activity behavioral interventions. Rehabilitation Psychology, 67(2), 128.

Reference links:

Tool/manual available: Yes. (Provided in supplementary file to the article)