EACH: International Association for Communication in Healthcare is a global organisation dedicated to exploring and improving the ways in which healthcare professionals, patients and relatives communicate with one another.

EACH and its members work together to:

  • Promote effective, patient-centred and evidence-based healthcare communication
  • Provide expertise, resources and skills for health communication education, research and practice
  • Encourage networking between healthcare communication professionals to provide advice and cooperation on health communication projects and education
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We are so saddened by the current humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine and surrounding countries. EACH expresses empathy, solidarity and support for all those Ukrainian citizens now in harm’s way and those having to flee their homes to ensure their safety and that of their families. Our thoughts also go out to Russian citizens with an understanding that individuals are not the same as governments.  We hope that our work in communication in healthcare can help provide insight in coping with the impact of this crisis.

tEACH has collected and developed videos that can be used in teaching communication skills of health care learners. Members have access to the full resource database, but if you aren’t a member, have a look at the sample tools, including the latest Calgary Cambridge video.

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Official journal of EACH, the International Association for Communication in Health Care and ACH, the Academy of Communication in Healthcare.

Summer School – Call for Participants

1st March 2019
The next rEACH Summer School will take place from 16, 19-20 September 2019 in Leiden, the Netherlands. The Summer School will take

EACH Forum – Call for Submissions

27th February 2019
EACH Forum on Healthcare Communication Research, Teaching, Policy & Practice 16 – 18 September 2019 Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden, The Netherlands EACH is delighted to INVITE
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Sister Organisation

Academy of Communication in Healthcare

The Academy of Communication in Healthcare (ACH) is the professional home for all those who are committed to improving communication and relationships in healthcare.