Sources of funding

Sources of funding

Core funding generated by EACH

  • Membership fees
  • Conferences and courses
  • Guaranteed royalty from publication partner, Elsevier

Contribution in kind

EACH is predominantly sustained by its members, through knowledge sharing and generously volunteering time to EACH activities.  Experts within our community participate in meetings, devoting their professional skills to finalising new deliverables, implementing training courses, and facilitating networking with other organisations.  In addition, support is extended to countries where rudimentary programmes in health communication skills teaching are currently offered.

Charitable and voluntary donations

We welcome charitable donations of any value to support our aims.  In particular, support for specific projects is highly valued and ensures that funds are targeted within a particular area of interest to the donor.  Projects that we would like to invest in include;

  • Developing comprehensive support and training for junior researchers of communication in healthcare. Facilitated by senior researchers from EACH, this would enable the future generation of researchers to promulgate high quality communication research globally.
  • Providing an ongoing programme of “train the trainers” courses at an undergraduate and postgraduate level, in countries where healthcare communication programmes have only recently been identified as necessary. Increased migration has highlighted the need for delivering standardised person-centred care across nations, as healthcare professionals move between countries and communication with patients from different backgrounds becomes more challenging.  EACH would like to bring our diverse communities closer together by developing a self-sustainable network of healthcare communication trainers internationally.

EACH has set up a fund to provide financial assistance for attendance at EACH activities, including conferences and workshops. The beneficiaries of this fund would otherwise find it difficult to participate in EACH activities due to financial constraints. This might include those from less-developed countries, countries in financial difficulties, and students.

More detailed information about current projects can be found here.  For further information or to discuss donating, please contact us.

 Past donations

The following charitable donations to EACH were highly appreciated, and their impact is ongoing;

  • Julius and Regine Steffens funded the junior investigators’ summer school programme until 2013
  • Daniel Vasella offered funding for teaching activities in January 2011. This fund is organised by the tEACH committee.