Healthcare Communication Education Research (HCER) webinars – Understanding the patient and yourself through mentalizing? Results from the evaluation of an education programme for pharmacy workforce and what’s next?

Presenters: Susanne Kaae, University of Copenhagen and Gitte Reventlov Husted, Danish College of Pharmacy Practice, Denmark

Susanne Kaae is a MscPharm, Ph.D. and Professor in the Social and Clinical Pharmacy Group at Pharma School at the University of Copenhagen. Susanne led the international project ‘Patient Centered Communication in Community Pharmacy’ leading to a new type of post-curriculum education in mentalizing. Currently she is leading the project ‘How to talk about medicines’ which through the use of video-ethnography, conversation analysis and video-stimulated interviews, aims to develop a more social, flexible, immersive and attentive counseling style toward patients with anxiety or depression.

Gitte Reventlov Husted is MScN, Ph.D., and currently working as a consultant at the Department of research and development Pharmakon, Danish College of Pharmacy Practice, Denmark. Pharmakon provides post curriculum training for pharmacy staff in Denmark, educates pharmacy technicians and engaged in community pharmacy practice research.


Time shown is BST – CEST = 3.30pm

Date/Time 28 May 2024 @ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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