The medical interview – building the relationship

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Tool focus: What to teach

Communication topics:
Empathy/relationship building

Type of tool: Facilitator guide, Simulated clinical encounter

Language: English

Purpose of tool:
Experiential work on building the relationship, developing rapport, acceptance, empathy, support and sensitivity

Brief description:
To continue initiation and gathering information, to focus particularly on building the relationship by looking at slightly more difficult situations that the students may already have experienced or might find themselves in at some time in the future, situations in which the patient displays emotion or asks difficult questions, to start to explore closure - to explore what students can offer the patient, especially if they discover significant previously un-revealed patient information e.g. patient's ICE

A. Communication with patients:
Empathy/relationship building, Dealing with strong emotions

B. Intra- & interpersonal communication (professionalism & reflection):

C. Communication in healthcare teams (professional communication):

Access: Public

Your name and work address, and co-authors and addresses:Jonathan Silverman, Cambridge