Gathering information – older adults: Facilitator guide

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Tool focus: What to teach

Communication topics:
Empathy/relationship building
Gathering information/listening
Non-verbal communication
Patient perspective

Type of tool: Communication model, Facilitator guide, Simulated clinical encounter

Language: English

Purpose of tool:
To explore how to gather information from older adults

Brief description:
Comprehensive description of experiential session with emphasis on typical and frequent challenges in communicating with elderly people including assessing cognitive impairment. includes simulated patient cases, student handouts, and several pages summing up general communication skills

HPCCC Core curriculum objectives

A. Communication with patients:
Gathering information/listening, Non verbal communication, Patient perspective, Relationship building

B. Intra- & interpersonal communication (professionalism & reflection):

C. Communication in healthcare teams (professional communication):

Access: Public

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