VR-CoDES Manuals – Report

Below is the list of those EACH members who have downloaded one or more VR-CoDES manuals, as well as non members who have purchased the complete set of manuals.


Total records: 36

Name Name Institution Country Date
Sarah Peters United Kingdom 02-07-2022
Thomas Hehlmann University of Bremen, Faculty of Human- and Healthscienses Germany 21-02-2022
Sasja Schepers Netherlands 13-01-2022
Rebecca Goulding The University of Manchester United Kingdom 27-12-2021
Calum McHale University of St Andrews United Kingdom 06-12-2021
Aisling Kerr RCSI Ireland 07-11-2021
Leonie Visser KI Sweden 04-11-2021
M H Netherlands 04-11-2021
Majanne Wolters Utrecht University Netherlands 20-07-2021
Fan Wang United States 10-06-2021

Non Members:

Total records: 90

Name Institution Country Date
Mosmdsknobe MosmdsknobeHE United States 09-12-2022
volkovch volkovch Ukraine 07-12-2022
FootballSor FootballSorAF Liberia 23-11-2022
Heloarrods HeloarrodsBG United States 17-11-2022
Sdvillknobe SdvillknobeHE United States 08-11-2022
Maeganrix MaeganrixON Norway 05-11-2022
BnuolVes BnuolVesOQ Germany 02-11-2022
Heloarrods HeloarrodsBG United States 31-10-2022
Sdvillknobe SdvillknobeHE United States 28-10-2022
Sdvillknobe SdvillknobeHE United States 18-10-2022