Developers: Alby, 2021

Year of publication: 2021

Date last updated: 7 June 2024

Setting in which the tool was originally developed/validated: Oncology

Restriction to setting(s): Oncology

Target group: Cancer patients, their companions, and oncologists

Language(s): Italian

Translations(s): English

Specific constructs/behaviours:

1) Doctor’s communicative behavior, i.e. doctor activities per consultation stage (opening, anamnesis, cancer presentation, cancer diagnostic assessment, treatment recommendation, outline of future actions, closing)
2) Patient’s (and companion's) initiatives
3) Doctor-patient misalignments
4) Interruptions per consultation stage
5) Accountability and participants' expressions of trust
6) Markers of uncertainty in doctor’s talk
7) Markers of emotions in doctor’s talk

Tool topics:

Patient-centered communication

Intended application: Education, Research

Reference(s) to development/validation paper(s):

Alby, F., Lauriola, M., Marino, F., Fatigante, M., & Zucchermaglio, C. (2021). A CODING SYSTEM FOR DOCTOR-PATIENT COMMUNICATION IN ONCOLOGICAL CONSULTATIONS (ONCODE). TPM: Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in Applied Psychology, 28(3).

Reference links:

Tool/manual available: Yes. (Through Appendix in the paper)