EHR interaction styles and work flow tasks

Developers: Onur Asan, Erin Chiou, Enid Montague

Year of publication: 2015

Date last updated: 7 June 2024

Setting in which the tool was originally developed/validated: Primary care

Restriction to setting(s): Primary care

Target group: Primary care physicians and patients

Language(s): English


Specific constructs/behaviours:

a) EHR interaction styles: technology- centered, human-centered and mixed interaction
b) work-flow tasks

Tool topics:

Gathering information/listening
Information asking / requests for information / question asking (patient)
Information giving / providing information / explanation and planning
Non-verbal communication
Patient-centered communication

Intended application: Research

Reference(s) to development/validation paper(s):

Asan O, Chiou E, Montague E. Quantitative ethnographic study of physician workflow and interactions with electronic health record systems. Int J Ind Ergon. 2015 Sep 1;49:124-130. doi: 10.1016/j.ergon.2014.04.004.

Reference links:

Tool/manual available: No. (Not mentioned)