rEACH Connectivity Webinar Series: fostering collaboration in health communication research

Advancing communication in healthcare research using connectivity via collaborations and networking

Dr. Richard Brown Ph.D is an Associate Professor (Tenured) in the Department of Health Behavior and Policy in the School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). Dr. Brown’s research has been designed to aid cancer patients and oncologists to communicate more effectively. Dr. Brown’s recent work focuses on to ameliorating health disparities and promoting health equity across diverse minority (including race and sexual/gender minorities), geographic and socioeconomic domains. He has been an Investigator on several national and international studies that examine doctor-patient communication in the oncology context particularly concerning clinical trials and health disparities.

Collaborations are essential to further communication in health care research.

During this talk, Dr. Brown will review the impact of collaborative research to further his research agenda. He will provide guidance on international and national funding in Australia and the United States that have supported collaborative research.

The presentation will be followed by Q&A and a networking activity.

Time:  2pm – 3pm (GMT) or 3pm – 4pm (CET) or 9am-10am (US EST)

You can view the flyer here

Date/Time 13 Feb 2024 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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