Iraq webinar – Improving your medical practice by practicing Autoethnography

Dr. Abdulsalam Saleh Sultan, Fellowship in the International Association for Communication in Healthcare, member of the Advisory Committee of the European Association for Communication in Healthcare “EACH” and National Representative with Dr. Nahla Khalaf Ali will hold the fourth monthly webinar on Autoenthography in Medical Practice in Arabic and English languages. Research has shown that Autoenthography is an essential mindful exercise in the training of doctors. This Webinar will demonstrate the positive impact of a doctor’s suffering and its reflection on the improvement of her/his performance.

Autoethnography is an autobiographical genre of academic writing that draws on and analyzes or interprets the lived experience of the author and connects researcher insights to self-identity, cultural rules and resources, communication practices, traditions, premises, symbols, rules, shared meanings, emotions, values, and larger social, cultural, and political issues. According to Adams et al. (2015),



PLEASE NOTE : 21:30 –  22:30 Baghdad Time

You can read the event flyer in Arabic here

Date/Time 27 Sep 2022 @ 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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