Healthcare Communication Education Research Special Interest Group Webinar – HEALCARE project: Health Literacy competences to improve respectful and compassionate care in Tanzania 

Title:  HEALCARE project: Health Literacy competences to improve respectful and compassionate care in Tanzania

Dr Yvonne Finn is a medical professional with 20+ years of clinical practice in diabetes care. She has extensive experience in both undergraduate and post-graduate medical education. She holds a MSc in Clinical Education and an MD in Medicine where she explored health literacy and risk of gestational diabetes in pregnant women. Yvonne’s main teaching and research interests are in communication skills, health literacy and cultural awareness. She is a member of the Irish partner in the HEALCARe project.


Dr Jane Sixsmith is a Lecturer in Health Promotion has twelve years professional registered nursing experience including community-based practice with a BSc in community nursing, an MA and PhD in Health Promotion. She has experience of developing and delivering health literacy education on undergraduate Health Professionals’ programmes. She is a member of the Health Promotion Research Centre and has had a leadership role as principle investigator (PI) Irish partner in the IMPACCT project developing, implementing and evaluating health literacy modules for undergraduate health professional education in Europe. Jane is the PI Irish partner in the HEALCARe project.

In this webinar the two speakers will present HEALCARe – an ERASMUS+ funded, inter-continental collaborative project with partners in Europe and Africa. The aim of the project is to develop and implement respectful and compassionate care using health literacy communication in competency-based nursing education in Tanzania. The project is in the third year and the presenters will give an update on the project to date and describe the health literacy module currently being introduced to the Tanzanian nursing curricula.

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Date/Time 26 Apr 2023 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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