The scientific bases of clinical communication in veterinary medicine

Florence, Italy

The international conference organized by the Veterinary College of Florence and Prato returns this year with a program of great appeal and exceptional scientific quality. Four international speakers will take us “for a walk” through the world of
medical communication and will do so by describing, explaining and analyzing the most widely used communication method in the world both in Human Medicine and in Veterinary Medicine, the Calgary-Cambridge Communication Model. Validated by millions of consultations carried out according to this method and backed by evidence-based research, this approach to the
Communication Sciences sets the bar for the medical world. The Conference aims to introduce the Calgary-Cambridge Communication Model and provide attendees with practice-ready tools that can be put into use immediately to reduce communication breakdowns, avoid misunderstandings with pet parents and to offer a better communication experience for the entire veterinary team. Patient outcomes are improved when the veterinarian-client/patient relationship is strong. Strength is achieved through deliberate attention to creating and maintaining partnership as well as engaging in shared decision making. This Conference includes theoretical masterclasses, role-plays with professional actors and round tables with the world’s greatest medical
communication experts.

Please visit the conference website or view the conference brochure for more information and booking details