Welcome to tEACH, the teaching subcommittee of EACH. We aim to connect and support teachers involved in the development and delivery of healthcare communication training.

tEACH consists of over 35 experienced communication skills teachers from 21 different countries representing a variety of health care disciplines. Since 2008, tEACH members have worked on specific projects to address the broad range of needs of communication teachers.

We have been there for those teachers initiating new teaching ventures and those wishing to extend existing programmes.

The Advisory Committee consists of all National and Deputy National Representatives from member countries and all members of the Executive Committee.

Chair of the Advisory Committee: Lode Verreyen Co-chairs of the Advisory Committee: Eva Doherty & Richard Brown

National Representatives from countries with at least five members are all voting members in the committee and together with the Executive Committee make up the trustees of the charity. One country gets one vote. Each country has one vote, used by the National Representative. In the event that the National Representative is absent, the Deputy Representative may use the vote.

The Advisory Committee is appointed for 2 years at the Annual General Meeting following elections. The election for 2021 is now open.

Advisory Committee Elections

How to get involved with tEACH

The tEACH committee has several projects and activities it works on (for more information, see Activities and projects). If you feel you may have something to contribute to one of these activities, please contact us through teach@each.international.

Experienced communication teachers who have interest in collaborating with and contributing to teach on a more regular basis. Currently, we are looking for people with expertise and interest in e-learning, teaching tools and videos, and/or in making tEACH projects and products more visible. We specifically would welcome communication teachers from dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and/or paramedical professions.

Because the tEACH committee is an active group working on longer term projects, we prefer to limit the number of members and also limit membership turnover.

To join the tEACH committee: please complete the tEACH Application Form and return to teach@each.international.


We will only use this email address to send you your invoice and download link.