A walk in the park

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Tool focus: How to teach, What to teach

Communication topics:
Cross-cultural communication

Type of tool: Facilitator guide

Language: English

Purpose of tool:
a. Awareness and refelction regarding intercultural issues in everyday life
b. HPCCC A 8 and A 15

Brief description:
The tool is a description for an imaginary walk throgh a park where people are descibed but no specific hint at intercultual backgrounds are given. After having been guided through the walk the learner is supposed to reflect if any of the people in the park have a diverse cultural background and if which aspects can be identified as being interculturally diverse.
The tool can be used in any session (small and large groups) and in any professional setting. It is a short intervention- about 5 min for the experience and maybe 30 min for the reflection. The learning objective is to enhance awareness and reflection on predertermined perceptions, interindividual potential biases and on cultural issues.

HPCCC Core curriculum objectives

A. Communication with patients:
Cross-cultural communication

Access: Public

Your name and work address, and co-authors and addresses:Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten