Patient-Centered Interviewing Coding Method (PCICM)

PCICM-coding-manual.docx  PCICM, Grayson-Sneed 2017  

Developers: Katelyn Grayson-Sneed, Robert C. Smith

Year of publication: 2017

Date last updated: 21 October 2019

Setting in which the tool was originally developed/validated: Residency Program/Simulation Center

Restriction to setting(s): Any Patient-Centered Interviewing Setting

Target group: Any patient-centered interview

Language(s): English

Specific constructs/behaviours:

Patient-Centered Behaviors: Setting the Agenda, the patient's personal story, the patient's physical story, the patient's emotional story, general patient-centered skills

Tool topics:

Intended application: Research

Reference(s) to development/validation paper(s):

Grayson-Sneed K. A., Smith, S. W., Smith, & R. C. (2017). A Research Coding Method for the Basic Patient-Centered Interview. Patient Education and Counseling.

Reference links:

Tool/manual available: Yes.

Tool description by the author:

The Patient-Centered Interviewing Coding Method (PCICM) is a simple, highly reliable coding method, weighted (by no. of items) to highlight personal elements of an interview, and was developed and is recommended as a criterion standard research rating method.