Developers: Jude Robinson, Ian Enzer, Maggie Pearson, Tom Walley, Stuart Barton

Year of publication: 2002

Date of last revision: 21 October 2019

Setting in which the tool was originally developed/validated: general practice in UK

Restriction to setting(s): general practice in the UK

Target group: general practitioners

Language(s): English

Tool topics:

General communication behavior / Overall communication behavior
Relationship building

Specific constructs/behaviours:

Consultation skills (history taking and advice): Eploring, History taking, Attitudes, Presenting solutions, Structuring interview, Interpersonal skills, Communicative skills

Intended application: Research

Reference(s) to development/validation paper(s):

1. Enzer, Ian, Jude Robinson, Maggie Pearson, Stuart Barton, and Tom Walley. "A reliability study of an instrument for measuring general practitioner consultation skills: the LIV-MAAS scale." International Journal for Quality in Health Care 15, no. 5 (2003): 407-412.

2. Robinson, J., Tom Walley, M. Pearson, D. Taylor, and Stuart Barton. "Measuring consultation skills in primary care in England: evaluation and development of content of the MAAS scale." Br J Gen Pract 52, no. 484 (2002): 889-893.

Tool/manual available: Yes.

Access: Public