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Senior’s Name: Thomas Hehlmann
Availability: 3/3

Pairing - Junior
Title: Lecturer
Institution: University of Bremen
Discipline: Public Health
Years of experience: 12


Learners I work with:
  • Curriculum design / development
  • Experiential teaching methods (eg role play)
  • Educational research
  • Workplace based teaching
  • Video production
Years I have worked in communication skills learning: 12


Areas of work:
  • End-of-life / palliative care
  • Minorities / disadvantaged population
  • Medical education
  • Oncology
  • Patient-centeredness
  • Patient education
  • Patient–provider relationship
Research methods:
  • Implementation research
  • Microanalysis of face-to-face dialogue
  • Participatory learning and action
  • Qualitative methods
  • Systematic literature review

Keywords describing expertise and interest:
  1. Teaching
  2. Constructivistic Communication Theory
Field of expertise, major interests, and consultation topics:

Constructivistic Theory of Health Communication, Teaching “the unlikelihood of success of communication”, Teaching “criticical discource analysis”, Teaching Health Communication for Public Health students, Communication and Cancer in Germany, Communication and Palliative Care in Germany


2009 – 2021, Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bremen
2008 – 2009, Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Bielefeld
2001 – 2002, Academic collaborator at the University of Bielefeld, faculty of Public Health Prof. Dr. Bernhard Badura
2000 – 2002, University of Bielefeld, Master of Public Health
1993 – 2005, Department of Health Promotion at the Health Insurance Company ‘AOK-Die Gesundheitskasse’
1998 – 1999, Paternity leave
1988 – 1993, University of Bremen, PE teacher, religious education teacher,educational theory
1988 – 1990, Internships in two different oncological wards of hospitals in Bremen
1985 – 1988, University of Hamburg, Protestant Theology
1984 – 1985, Community service at the District-Hospital of Osterholz

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