The yEACH network aims to connect and support all early career individuals within EACH whether they are researchers, educators or clinicians.


In 2008, rEACH invited a group of early career investigators to a pre-conference workshop in Oslo to present interests, current projects, and future ideas of collaborative work. The meeting was a success and in the years after, several other early career research groups were formed during Summer Schools and pre-conference workshops. The benefits of a supportive environment within EACH, where early career investigators can connect with colleagues and work on ideas together, led to the development of the yEACH network in May 2013, with the support of rEACH. Today, yEACH is no longer exclusive to researchers, but open to all early career individuals in the field of healthcare communication.

yEACH Network aims

  1. To stimulate networking between early career individuals in the field of healthcare communication who are located in different institutions and countries.
  2. To promote a friendly and supportive environment where members can share ideas and receive constructive feedback.
  3. To foster collaboration between early career individuals at different institutions and countries.
  4. To facilitate the interaction between early career and more experienced members of EACH, both for mentoring and to transfer vision and expertise within the organization.
  5. The yEACH network is open to any active member of EACH who is within ten years of starting their academic research and/or teaching career within healthcare communication.

yEACH Events

Since 2012, members from yEACH and the yEACH Committee have organised pre-conference workshops and social events for early career individuals to network in an informal setting at the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH), and have been involved in the organisation of the rEACH Summer School for early career investigators.

Committee members and contact details


Chair: Mollie A. Ruben (University of Maine, US)

Past Chair: Kasey Boehmer (Mayo Clinic, US)

Secretary: Sarah Shepherd (The University of Manchester, UK)

rEACH/yEACH Liaison: Julia Amann, (Health Ethics and Policy Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

tEACH/yEACH Liaison: Fernanda Romeiro (University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos-Unisinos, Brazil)

pEACH/yEACH Liason: Kasey Boehmer (Mayo Clinic, US)

Silvia Poli

Veerle Duprez

Melanie de Looper

yEACH Mailing list

Are you interested in joining the yEACH mailing list? Send an email to Mollie Ruben to be added to the list.

Facebook group

Also, do not forget so sign up for our Facebook group: Young EACH network. Anyone can join our yEACH Facebook group.