VR-CoDES Non Members

Non Members:

Total records: 121

Name Institution Country Date
Ingela Beck The Faculty of Health Sciences, Kristianstad University Sweden 13-02-2023
NormanGox NormanGoxQC Andorra 02-02-2023
ChrisBor ChrisBorXS Sierra Leone 23-01-2023
Pansdmknobe PansdmknobeHE United States 12-01-2023
PetarTrems PetarTremsAL Venezuela 05-01-2023
Rebcenknobe RebcenknobeHE United States 05-01-2023
Michailtxr MichailpwuYI Zambia 04-01-2023
Skyshoknobe SkyshoknobeHE United States 01-01-2023
Robertagone RobertagoneDT Benin 29-12-2022
ChrisBor ChrisBorXS Sierra Leone 29-12-2022