Pairing Programme – Match List (1)

Below is the list of all seniors registered for the programme and any junior paired with them (up to a maximum of three per senior).

Senior Attending Junior(s) Paired Availability View
Blnd Ahmad In person

Helen Ovregaard – (attending: In person)
Caroline Pereira – University of São Paulo (attending: In person)

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Marianne Brouwers In person

Blnd Ahmad – SHO (attending: In person)
Maxime Etenaille – Université libre de Bruxelles (attending: In person)
Carmel Quigley – Ulster University (attending: In person)

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Richard Brown In person

Ahmad Khan – University of Leicester (attending: In person)

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Kenzie Cameron In person

Svenja Diegelmann – University of Klagenfurt (attending: In person)
Kristy Fakes – University of Newcastle (Australia) (attending: In person)

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Delesha Carpenter In person
No matches.
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Marla Clayman In person

Joyce de Vos – Maastricht UMC+ Comprehensive Cancer Center (attending: In person)
Friederike Lange – University Hospital Heidelberg (attending: In person)
Thomas Wieringa – Leiden University Medical Center (attending: In person)

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Marleah Dean Kruzel In person
No matches.
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Nicole Defenbaugh In person

Emmanuel Oladipo – The University of Manchester (attending: In person)
Rachel Winter – University of Leicester (attending: In person)

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Lisa Diamond In person

Iris Bras – Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital/Tilburg University (attending: In person)
Maria Karidakis – The University of Melbourne (attending: In person)
Shawnea S. P. TING – Goldsmiths, University of London (attending: In person)

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Eva Doherty In person

Christoph Becker – University Hospital Basel (attending: In person)
Sarah Floden – University of Wisconsin Madison Internal Medicine Residency Program (attending: In person)
Patrycja Marciniak-Stepak – Poznan University of Medical Sciences (attending: In person)

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Ashley Duggan In person

JENNIFER FOUCART – U.L.B. Free University of Brussels (Belgium) (attending: In person)
Krista Hoek – LUMC (attending: In person)

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lee ellington In person

Elisabeth Kurpershoek – Amsterdam UMC location AMC (attending: In person)
Sanne Prins – (attending: In person)

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Arnstein Finset In person

Remus Chunda – University of Dundee (attending: In person)
Ester Rake – Radboud university medical center (attending: In person)

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Conor Gilligan In person

Yvonne Finn – National University of Ireland Galway (attending: In person)
Bettina Maierhofer – Université of applied sience FH Campus Wien (attending: In person)
Julia Paxino – University of Melbourne (attending: In person)

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Manasik Hassan Online

Eman Abukmail – IEBH-Bond University (attending: Online)
Lina Al-adili – Uppsala University (attending: Online)

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Thomas Hehlmann In person

Corina Barbaros – “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania (attending: In person)
Sharon Bourke – La Trobe University (attending: In person)
Rachael Drewery – University of Nottingham (attending: In person)

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Nino Bortsvadze – Batumi Shota Rustaveli University (attending: Online)
Lijsbeth Bruens – Luisterlab (attending: Online)
Pia Keller – Ghent University (attending: Online)

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Marij Hillen In person

Kelly Harris – University of Pittsburgh, USA (attending: In person)
Roisin O’Donovan – Royal college of surgeons in Ireland (attending: In person)

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Evelyn Ho In person

Nadja Klafke – University Hospital Heidelberg, Department of General Medicine and Health Services Research (attending: In person)

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Not sure
No matches.
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Janet Lefroy Not sure

Linda Dorrestein – Department of Production Animal Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary (attending: Not sure)
Kata Eklics – University of Pécs | PTE · Medical School (ÁOK) (attending: Not sure)

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Shuangyu Li In person

Qianfeng Lu – Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) (attending: In person)
Roukayya Oueslati – Leiden University Medical Center / The Hague Unviersity of Applied Sciences (attending: In person)

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Calum McHale In person

Mark Dalgleish – Deakin University (attending: In person)
Fadela Merabet – Medical university of Champagne Ardenne (attending: In person)

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Arwen Pieterse In person

Song Duimel – NKI-AvL (attending: In person)
Carol Gray – Hartpury University (attending: In person)

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Shakaib Rehman In person

Anna Udvardi – University of Szeged, Hungary (attending: In person)

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Debra Roter In person

Vicki Kerrigan – Menzies School of Health Research (attending: In person)
Shakaib Rehman – Phoenix VA Health Care Systems/University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix (attending: In person)
Anca-Cristina Sterie – Palliative Service / Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland (attending: In person)

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Isabelle Scholl In person

Katharina Beck – Universitätsspital Basel, Medizinische Kommunikation (attending: In person)

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Richard Street In person

Tanja de Rijke – Amsterdam UMC (attending: In person)
Annelies Decloedt – Ghent University, Belgium (attending: In person)
Karin Svensberg – Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University (attending: In person)

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Kathleen Thomas In person

Heleen Hendriksen – Alzheimer Center, Amsterdam UMC (attending: In person)
Breanne Hobden – University of Newcastle (attending: In person)
Deepti John – Newcastle University (attending: In person)

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Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten In person

Wiebke Frerichs – Department of Medical Psychology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (attending: In person)
Jessica Leao – University of Sao Paulo (attending: In person)

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Alan Weber Online

Aimée Fehr – Netzwerk Demenz beider Basel (attending: Online)
Lina Johansson – Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (attending: Online)
Valerie Smith – California State University, East Bay (attending: Online)

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Sandra Winterburn In person

Debra Kerr – Deakin University (attending: In person)
Oliwia Kowalczyk – Nicolaus Copernicus University Collegium Medicum (Poland) (attending: In person)

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Robyn Woodward-Kron In person

Julie Ayre – The University of Sydney (attending: In person)
Katharine Weetman – University of Birmingham (attending: In person)

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Amy Zelenski In person

Sibylle Felber – Inselspital, University Hospital Bern (CH) (attending: In person)
Lotte Timmermans – KU Leuven (attending: In person)
Sule Yilmaz – University of Rochester Medical Center (attending: In person)

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