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Toward linguistic and culturally competent healthcare communication: barriers and solutions

Barbara Schouten, (); Carmen Pena Diaz, ()


Category: Networking
Session ID: N5A
When: 15/04/2021 at 18:30 – 19:30 GMT
Main focus:


The overarching goal of this network session is to introduce the Special Interest Group Language and cultural discordance in healthcare communication and to foster further collaborations and partnerships in this field. Due to increasing migration flows, multilingualism and multiculturalism have become part of everyday healthcare practice. A growing body of research has indicated that this comes with its own set of challenges regarding adequate healthcare communication, among which the lack of professional interpreters available to mitigate the language barrier during healthcare encounters, culture-related differences in communication about health and illness, and a lack of policy and guidelines to support healthcare providers in adequately communicating with migrant patients who have low language proficiency in the host’ countries dominant language. As a result, health inequalities for these patients persist and solutions are urgently needed to enhance their quality of care.
During this network session, we specifically aim to:

– Share experiences with researchers and practitioners working in the field of multilingual and multicultural healthcare communication;
– Identify common barriers and feasible solutions to enhancing healthcare communication with low language proficient migrant patient groups;
– Foster further collaborations between researchers and practitioners working in this field.