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Better Care through Better Policies: pEACH Networking session

Sarah Bigi, ()


Category: Networking
Session ID: N3A
When: 15/04/2021 at 09:15 – 10:15 GMT
Main focus: Policy / Practice


You should join the pEACH Networking session if you are a health policy expert, or want to be an expert, or want to influence policy changes & implementations.
We are a group of practitioners, researchers, educators and policy makers who are committed to:
• Ensuring high quality of healthcare for our communities by applying research regarding healthcare communication to policies and clinical practice
• Utilizing evidence to develop specific implementation models and policies that can effectively transform an organization’s or country’s structures and processes
• Developing a range of robust outcome measures that will show the impact of such initiatives and encourage investment in healthcare communication.
Within pEACH, we are working on a number of projects in order to improve and expand the expertise that we offer to the healthcare communication community.

Join the session to find out more and be part of the momentum to change the world for better patient care through better communication and better policies.