ETUDE recruiting PhD students

ETUDE is currently recruiting 15 PhD students for this European research program and training network. ETUDE unites the efforts of an interdisciplinary and dynamic network of different European research groups in close collaboration with relevant industrial and other non-academic partners. We have teamed up a consortium of 15 partners from academia and 15 non-academic partners. The fellows will receive a comprehensive interdisciplinary gold standard training through local courses and network-wide activities on various topics. Each ESR will do at least one secondment to another academic partner and one secondment to a non-academic partner. This ensures that all fellows can develop vital expertise to work inside and outside academia. ETUDE will thus boost hands-on experiences across interdisciplinary, international, and intersectoral borders.

Details on the specific projects, recruitment procedures, eligibility criteria and on how to apply can be found at and in the document attached.

Several of these PhD positions might be interesting for early career researchers in health care communication, especially those in work package 4 on negative attitudes of professionals, patient-centered explanations of symptoms, and stigma. Further information on the research or training program can be obtained by contacting

Further details are available here.